Pricing and Example Cases

How much will my data recovery cost? This a very common question asked of CBL. The quick answer is: it depends. It depends on your media, what has gone wrong with it, and what work is required in order to secure and retrieve the files you need.
Someone calculating the price.

Everyone gets worried about paying too much, and sometimes paying too little. At CBL we are confident enough in our processes, and comfortable enough with our pricing that we can openly share some insights with our customers. Insights that we have can gained since first offering data recovery as a service back in 1993.

When choosing a data recovery provider, the cost question is always at the forefront. Our advice: have a professional recovery engineer and inspect and evaluate the media first. Find out exactly what the problems are with your unit, and have an effective solution put forth for the recovery.

Many recovery cases will have an underlying problem with their media which needs to be addressed first in order to provide a quality recovery service. Simply trying to “push through” media errors, or letting a commercial software scan slowly run for hours or days will cause more harm than good and also put your data at risk. The first attempt at data recovery will always yield the highest amount of success.

There are also secondary factors which can push the cost of a recovery slightly higher. Units which have been encrypted will require extra steps and time to decrypt and verify the file system. Hardware cases which have media damage in critical areas may also require extra steps after the physical work has been done in order to save the files. Custom recovery solutions can also be much more expensive for special cases where programming needs to be implemented or new software developed to address a rare or unseen issue.

As we have seen from these few examples above, situations seemingly similar in cause can be quite different in effect and require a different approach. A professional recovery engineer will be able to put together an effective plan to save your files, and what sets CBL apart from other providers and big-box stores is our understanding and capabilities of the issues with physically damaged hard drives. We simply have the best recovery engineers in the country.

While the range of recovery projects we work on is wide and varied, here are some examples of common problems our customers experience: