Pricing and Example Cases

With data recovery, there are no second chances. Choosing the right data recovery provider can mean the difference between a full recovery or an unrecoverable disaster.
Someone calculating the price.

If you’re concerned about how much your data recovery will cost, you’re not alone. At CBL, we are so confident in our processes and pricing that we can openly share these insights with our clients. Our knowledge is backed by a 90% recovery rate and 20+ years of data recovery experience.

When choosing a data recovery provider, the question of cost is always at the forefront. Our advice: choose a trusted data recovery company who will evaluate your device and offer a free, no-commitment data recovery quote.

Many recovery cases will have an underlying problem with their media which needs to be addressed first in order to provide a quality recovery service. Simply trying to “push through” media errors, or letting a commercial software scan slowly run for hours or days will cause more harm than good and also put your data at risk. The first data recovery attempt will always yield the highest chance of success.

There are also secondary factors which can push the cost of a recovery slightly higher. Units which have been encrypted will require extra steps and time to decrypt and verify the file system. Hardware cases which have media damage in critical areas may also require extra steps after the physical work has been done in order to save the files. Custom recovery solutions can also be much more expensive for special cases where programming needs to be implemented or new software developed to address a rare or unseen issue.

A qualified data recovery engineer will be able to put together an effective plan to save your files, and what sets CBL apart from other providers and big-box stores is our understanding and capabilities of the issues with physically damaged hard drives. We simply have the best data recovery engineers in the country.

Evaluation Services: 

To provide an exact quote for your project we must complete an evaluation, for your convenience we offer you two types of evaluations.

Free Evaluation:

  • Free UPS Ground Shipping Label
  • Free Diagnostic (24hrs – 48hrs)

Rush Evaluation:

  • Move your Project to the front of the queue
  • Free UPS Air Next Day Shipping Label
  • Diagnostic & Quotation (2hrs)
  • Fee: $500.00 (Upfront and Non-Refundable)

Data Recovery Services Pricing: 

Base prices per media.

  • MicroSD, SD Cards, USB Flash Drives (NO Monolith): $400.00
  • Smartphones: $700.00
  • External/Internal HD up to 2TB: $700.00
  • RAID (price per drive): $900.00
  • Tape Drives: $800.00
  • Solid State Drives: $800.00

Additional Services and Fees:

One or some of these fees may apply to your project quote depending on the failure or type of media. Fees that applied will be added to the base price per drive.

Destination Drive Options:

  • New External Hard Drive 1TB  - (Year Manufacturer Guarantee): $ 100.00
  • Special Destination Media: upon request and depending on availability, we can provide your data back in a similar HD type of your damaged media. The price will be provided with the quote document.

Over 2TB Capacity Fee:

  • $100.00

Encrypted Hard Drive Fee: Some drives are self-encrypted, even if the user didn’t select this option or set a passcode.

  • $100.00.

Hard Drives with USB-PCB Ports:

  • $100.00

Shipping Rates: UPS Ground for a Single HD (Up to 1Lb.)

  • $15.00 Flat Rate

HD with Opened Cover (exposed platters):

  • $75.00

Attempt Fee for Donor Drive: Needed to purchase Donor Drive/ Parts for the Project; Upfront and Non-Refundable Fee. The amount needed will be specified in the quote document provided after the evaluation is completed.

  • From $75.00 to $350.00

Physically Damaged Media (Water/Fire/Crashed Damage)

  • $100.00

Clicking/Beeping Drive

  • $100.00

SSD Chip-Off Recovery: 

  • $100.00

Monolith Recovery Fee (SD, MicroSD, USB Drive): About 20% of USB Drives models in the market belong to this category, this cannot be known before the evaluation is completed.

  • $200.00

Student Discount: Student discount available with proof of active student.(Email address verification required)